5 Remedies to Relieve Denture Pain
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Dentures help you smile with confidence and eat your favorite foods. They’re supposed to improve your quality of life — but sometimes, it seems like all they give you is pain.

Your dentures are not supposed to hurt, but it’s normal to experience some discomfort and pain from dentures when they are new. Still, your dentures should not hurt after you have had them in for a few weeks. If you are still experiencing discomfort, you can manage the symptoms with a few simple at-home remedies.

Here are five easy ways to relieve denture pain.

1. Rinse with Salt Water

Salt can provide you with significant relief when you’re adjusting to wearing dentures. It works because salt water creates osmosis to reduce the swelling in your gums. It can also prevent bacteria from growing in your mouth and decrease your risk of developing dry mouth and mouth sores — two common issues that denture wearers face. For this reason, rinsing your mouth with salt water is one of the best ways to relieve denture pain.

To complete a salt and water rinse, you’ll first need to take your dentures out and rub salt on your gums. It may sting at first, especially if you have an open sore. After several seconds, rinse the salt off using warm water. This should be done once per day.

As an alternative, you can add some salt (half a teaspoon to one teaspoon) to a glass of warm water. Then, rinse with this solution. Swish the salt water for about 30 seconds, then spit it into the sink. This should be done 3-5 times each day until any swelling you’re experiencing subsides.

2. Treat Your Gums with Tea

Should your dentures hurt, another effective way to relieve denture pain is to apply tea to your gums. Black tea works because it has a high tannin concentration, which reduces dental cavities as well as bacterial infections like strep throat. This acid can also help to keep oral cancer at bay.

To perform a treatment with black tea, you’ll need to steep your bag of tea leaves in a cup of water for at least five minutes. The water should be hot. Then, remove the bag and allow it to cool down. Next, hold the tea bag on your gums for 10-15 minutes and rinse the mouth using lukewarm water.

For the best results, do this one or two times each day for several days. Also, don’t drink or eat anything besides water during the tea treatment.

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3. Embrace Aloe Vera

Aloe vera leaves are yet another way to relieve denture pain. That’s because this herb offers both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it can decrease gum pain, keep harmful bacteria from growing in your mouth, and soothe gums that have become inflamed. Aloe vera also offers the benefit of preventing dry mouth.

You can buy aloe vera gel in any pharmacy for only a few dollars. Apply this gel directly to your sore gums with a ball of cotton. Allow the aloe vera to sit on your gums for about 10 minutes, and then use cool water to rinse the mouth. Don’t eat or drink for an hour after the treatment. In addition, repeat this remedy 2-3 times each day until your pain has disappeared. 

4. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Yet another effective way to relieve denture pain is to practice excellent oral hygiene. This will keep bacteria from making your dentures their home and, in turn, causing your gums to swell and become painful. It will also keep your dentures stain-free and decrease bad breath. Simply clean your gums, tongue, and dentures with a soft brush twice daily.

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5. Use a Clove Mouthwash

Denture wearers who are wondering how to relieve denture pain may also benefit from using a clove mouthwash to relieve their discomfort. This is not available in some stores, but you can easily order it online. Follow the instructions on the bottle for rinsing your mouth.

Clove’s two primary compounds are acetyl eugenol and eugenol, which have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. This is why cloves are great for relieving pain. They also help with disinfecting the mouth.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make a clove mouthwash at home. Grind enough cloves to produce half a teaspoon of clove powder. Then, add a few olive oil drops to the powder and place this mixture on your hurting gums. Allow the mixture to remain on your gums for five minutes before rinsing it away with warm water. Repeat this application two times per day until your dentures no longer cause your gums discomfort.

When to See Your Dentist for Denture Pain

Should your dentures continue to hurt for more than eight weeks after you’ve tried the above-mentioned ways to relieve denture pain, you should schedule a visit with your dentist. They’ll work on deciphering what’s causing the denture pain. 

For instance, the problem could be that your dentures weren’t fitted properly. In this case, your dentist can adjust your dentures by rebasing or relining them. Your dentist might also recommend an adhesive that will keep your dentures in place better to prevent severe infections, ulcers, and irritation. Then, they may suggest an over-the-counter pain reliever to provide you with temporary comfort while your gums heal.

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