Overcoming Dental Anxiety: 5 Ways Alondra Dental Care Makes It Easy
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If you dread your next appointment at the dentist, you’re not alone. Each year, millions of people experience some degree of fear or stress about going to the dentist.

The good news? You don’t have to live with dental anxiety in Los Angeles. Alondra Dental Care has earned a reputation for creating a welcoming environment for all of our patients. We take it slow, listen to your concerns, and respect your requests. We understand you may not ever love going to the dentist, but it’s our mission to help you feel comfortable while you are here.

It can be hard to find a dentist near you who specifically caters to patients with anxiety. Here are five ways that Alondra Dental Care checks all the boxes.

1. We Create a Comfortable Atmosphere to Ease Dental Anxiety in Los Angeles

We care about the office aesthetic. You’ll find a clean, modern interior and comfy couches in our waiting room. Our hallways have natural light and potted plants. This is a place for healing and unveiling beautiful smiles. Our patients don’t want it to feel like a hospital, and we don’t either.

If you suffer from dental anxiety in Los Angeles, you’ll also find comfort in knowing that you’ll receive comprehensive dental care in one location. We invest in the latest technology so procedures can be as quick and painless as possible. You’ll also find that we schedule plenty of time for each appointment so our staff is never rushing through a cleaning. If you have questions or need to pause for a moment, just let us know.

We are here to make you comfortable. Many of our patients bring their own headphones and music, which can help drown out some of the uncomfortable noises, like drill sounds. If something helps calm your nerves, we encourage you to bring it with you.

2. We Rely on High-Tech Equipment

Another reason why Alondra Dental Care is the top dentist for anxiety patients near you in Los Angeles is that the office uses cutting-edge equipment to deliver top-notch care.

For instance, diagnostic imaging in the office is performed using quick, pain-free, and non-invasive technology. The office’s three-dimensional X-rays also have a tenth of the radiation produced by traditional radiology machines, further protecting your health and safety.

Your dental team at Alondra Dental Care can additionally take impressions of your teeth for a crown or implant without having to use a messy, uncomfortable putty. This is just one more way the office helps to alleviate dental anxiety in Los Angeles. 

We look to avoid surgical intervention whenever possible. For advanced gum disease, our office offers laser therapy, which works by painlessly removing infected tissue. Spray anesthetic is usually enough to keep the majority of laser therapy patients comfortable, and because no stitches are required, you can expect a faster healing time.

 woman getting teeth examined by dentist

3. We Communicate Clearly—And Listen To You

Alondra Dental Care further helps to eliminate dental anxiety by clearly communicating with our patients.

There are some things you should know before beginning a dental procedure, such as:

  • How long will this take?
  • Why is it necessary?
  • Does my insurance cover it?
  • Are there alternatives if I choose not to go through with this?

Sadly, not every dentist takes the time to fully address these questions. At Alondra Dental Care, we are happy to speak with you over the phone, via email, or in the office.

If you do have concerns, expect us to take them seriously. Our team members are committed to speaking calmly and empathizing with our patients’ dental anxiety. Whether you live near our Norwalk dentist’s office or an hour away, you are welcome here.

4. We Have Experience

Our lead dentist, Dr. Abad, has been in practice for more than 20 years. She is a member of the American Dental Association and the California Dental Association, and she is particularly adept at working with anxious patients. 

In addition to offering regular check-ups, we are a proud Invisalign provider and we specialize in restorative dental care. We wish we could snap our fingers and make your dental anxiety go away, but the next best thing is assuring you that your care is in reliable, experienced hands.

5. We Provide Sedation Options

Finally, Alondra Dental Care offers sedation options to further help patients with dental anxiety in Los Angeles, including localized numbing and general anesthesia. Prior to your procedure, we can discuss all of the sedation options available to you, their benefits, and any potential side effects that you may be wondering about.

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Experience Alondra Dental Care Today

If you’re searching for the best dentist for anxiety patients near you in Los Angeles, Alondra Dental Care has you covered. We have successfully provided a full range of treatments to many patients with dental anxiety in Los Angeles because we genuinely listen to them and offer compassionate care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

About Dr. Abad

Dr. Abad founded Alondra Dental Care with the goal of providing superior dental care through attentive service and state-of-the-art technology. For over 20 years, Dr. Abad has been putting patients first at every step of their dental treatment. When she's not in the office, Dr. Abad can be found in her garden or out giving back to the community. As a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, American Association of Clear Aligners, and Harbor Dental Society, Dr. Abad enjoys educating others on the importance of quality dental health and regular dental exams.