If you’ve been told that your tooth has suffered nerve damage, you may assume that extracting the tooth is your only solution. However, at Alondra Dental Care, we may be able to save your tooth by performing a root canal procedure. 

Root canal treatment is recommended for any patient whose tooth has been affected by infection or decay. Through this treatment approach, your natural tooth’s genuine function can be preserved, and so can your smile. 

When to Undergo a Root Canal Procedure

We may suggest root canal treatment if you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

  • A prolonged or severe toothache
  • Increased tooth sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures
  • Tenderness or swelling in the affected tooth’s surrounding tissue
  • An abscess or pus on your gums

Your dental pulp consists of the living tissue and nerves located inside of your tooth. If infection and decay occur in the pulp, this can cause irreversible damage. The infection in the pulp may have a number of causes, ranging from facial trauma to poor hygiene and cavities. In this situation, a root canal may be necessary to clear out the sources of the problem. Through this process, we can conserve your natural teeth while also preventing more severe problems from developing.

What Does a Root Canal Procedure Involve?

During your root canal, we will numb your affected tooth and then place a device called a dental dam in the area to keep the tooth saliva free. We will then use special instruments to create a tiny hole behind your tooth, through which we will remove the infected bacteria and pulp. 

During the procedure, we will also sterilize, seal, and fill the root of your tooth with a material known as gutta-percha. This will help to prevent an infection from recurring in the tooth. We will additionally place a filling on the opening created to access your root.

What to Expect Following a Root Canal Procedure

Following your root canal, you might experience a moderate level of sensitivity during the healing process. You will receive home care instructions following the procedure to make sure that your tooth remains as healthy as possible in the years ahead. You will also need to undergo routine oral care visits to ensure your treatment’s long-term success.

Experience the Alondra Dental Care Difference During Your Root Canal Procedure

If you are experiencing tooth pain, our staff at Alondra Dental Care can examine your tooth and determine if you need a root canal to treat your problem tooth. Then, we can set you up with a root canal appointment right away.

We are committed to making your experience as comfortable as possible by clearly communicating what to expect during a root canal or any other procedure we perform. We also offer sedation options and even encourage our patients to bring their headphones and music to make themselves right at home when they are in our dental chair.

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