Fast and Accurate Digital Dental Impressions in Los Angeles

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Dental impressions, while incredibly valuable to crafting custom dental solutions, have been cumbersome and uncomfortable for years. The rise of digital impressions changed everything, making it quicker, more comfortable, and all-around a better experience for both dentist and patient. 

Our CEREC Primescan intraoral dental scanner is the latest in dental imaging technology. The system uses a computer-aided design (CAD) to create 3D modeling of the mouth without any messy dental putty or long waits. The CEREC Primescan’s digital dental impressions make it easier to gain highly detailed imaging of a patient’s mouth without jaw discomfort or gagging, resulting in a better overall experience for everyone. 

The CEREC, which stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics,” works quickly and effectively to scan deep into teeth cavities to deliver precise modeling in minutes. Our dentists can then use the 3D color imaging to discuss treatment options with the patient, including creating modeling of potential solutions. This digital imaging system’s personalization, ease, and comfort bring the experience we strive for at Alondra Dental Care.


This advanced dental scanner takes over 50,000 images per second, providing incredible detail for intricate modeling. Our expert dentists can easily view the image on a large screen, sharing it with patients to provide on-the-spot personalized consultation. This dental scanning technology is a vast improvement from using dental putty or other molding materials as it’s more hygienic, provides greater accuracy, and is vastly more comfortable for patients. 

Benefits of the CEREC Primescan dental scanner’s digital dental impressions include: 

  • No risk of gagging or other discomforts, unlike with dental putty
  • Only one appointment is needed due to novel accuracy – no more trying on multiple trays to find the best fit
  • Greater accuracy than physical impression as scans can reach areas putty cannot
  • Less time in the chair as the scanner can gain imagery of a full arch in less than a minute
  • Improved modeling with full-color, 3D imagery
  • Easier to share and discuss findings and treatments with a giant touchscreen display
  • Better fit for trays and prosthetics and more accurate restorations
  • Lower stress for patients and dentists alike

With the CEREC dental scanner, our office can get better results in less time, making your visit quick, productive, and personable. 


The CEREC dental scanning technology is useful for preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. Whether patients need treatment for a single tooth or a full arch, this dental scanner provides a quick, pain-free assessment. Our expert dentists use the CEREC machine to create digital dental impressions and treatment plans for everything from a cracked tooth to whitening trays and mouth guards. It is also useful for creating prosthetic appliances like flippers or dentures. The in-depth imagery is ideal for treatment assessment, routine monitoring, and assessing progress after a dental procedure. 

Some common uses of digital dental impressions include gaining imagery to assess needs and create treatments for:


The CEREC’s scanning technology is quick and painless. Patients should expect a quick scan with little preparation on their part. Before beginning the scan, you’ll lie back in a chair, needing only a dental bib as you would for any dental visit. Your dentist will then use a scanning wand to take a full spectrum of images of your mouth. They’ll begin with a preliminary scan of your bite, then move on to take images of both teeth arches to create digital dental impressions. The entire scan takes only a few minutes and you will be able to view a 3D image of your mouth almost immediately.



At Alondra Dental Care, our seasoned dentists use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the best care to all our patients. We’re committed to making it convenient and comfortable for our patients to get the best dental care for themselves and their families. Located in Norwalk, CA, our offices serve patients as far as Los Angeles and Orange County.

Let us make your dental experience as comfortable and personable as possible with our digital dental impressions in Los Angeles. Book an appointment today: get in touch with us at 562-655-7764 or book online here.

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