A 3D scan of a patient’s teeth.

Our iTero dental intraoral scanner is the latest in intraoral three-dimensional (3D) dental scanning technology. This non-invasive tool creates 3D images of teeth and gums in minutes, providing both dentist and patient with a comprehensive view of total oral health. These easy-to-view digital images allow our dentists to diagnose potential dental issues faster, provide more comprehensive treatment plans, and treat a wide range of complex cases in less time than ever before. 

The iTero dental intraoral scanner works quickly and intuitively, allowing staff to easily adapt to the technology and provide almost immediate feedback on dental health issues.

The iTero system allows our expert team to:

  • Detect and monitor cavity formation, including hard-to-spot areas between teeth
  • View 3D dental scans to assess bite better
  • Combine scans to visualize change over time
  • Provide real-time simulations of treatment programs and potential results

Used for preventative and restorative dental care and orthodontic work, the iTero produces fast and accurate 3D teeth scans with minimal resource use. That means our dentists can operate and obtain scans without a need for additional staff, speeding up the process. Plus, the digital scanning technology eliminates the need for messy and uncomfortable dental putty molds. With our iTero teeth scanner, patients get a more accurate dental assessment in less time and with little to no discomfort.


To gain teeth scans, our expert dentists insert a small digital wand into the patient’s mouth to capture images. Those images appear almost immediately on a widescreen monitor, making it easy for both dentist and patient to see and understand the patient’s dental health. Our dentists then assess the imaging and determine potential treatments. From there, we work with patients to help them understand treatment options, including providing real-time visualizations.

Our dentists and patients alike benefit from the iTero dental intraoral scanner, including specific benefits such as:

  • Faster image processing
  • Increased compatibility with labs, milling machines, and other dental tech
  • Greater sensitivity to detecting early oral health issues such as interproximal cavities
  • More time spent discussing and understanding potential interventions
  • More comfortable patient experience

With the iTero dental intraoral scanner, our team can process scans up to 50% faster, speeding up lab results from weeks to days. This innovative dental technology eliminates the need for messy dental molds and putty while increasing the accuracy of orthodontic interventions. Dental interventions like clear teeth aligners have 10 fewer rejections and seven times fewer issues thanks to iTero’s accuracy.


Patients should expect comprehensive scans and quick assessments with the iTero dental intraoral scanner. The compact, hand-held wand used to scan teeth and gums is radiation-free and especially comfortable for patients with limited jaw mobility. The system captures thousands of frames per second, piecing the images together to create a comprehensive, three-dimensional visualization of the patient’s mouth.

With this system, our office will see faster and more comprehensive results, providing more time to spend with our patients providing the personalized care they come to expect at Alondra Dental Care.


Our expert team at Alondra Dental Care is committed to providing all our patients with the best quality care possible. Our personalized treatment plans are crafted to handle all aspects of our patient’s dental health, including preventative care, restorative treatment, and cosmetic dentistry. Our goal is to make every experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, clearly communicating what patients can expect at each visit. 

Alondra Dental Care’s caring and friendly atmosphere is designed to make patients of all ages, including our young patients, feel at ease to receive top-notch dental care. Give us a call or send a message to make an appointment with us today.

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