If you struggle with bleeding sore gums, you may need to undergo a comprehensive deep cleaning, and we at Alondra Dental Care can help with this. Our deep oral cleaning involves two procedures—root planing and scaling—which involve no surgery. This deep cleaning removes calculus (also known as tartar) and plaque from your teeth. By removing this debris, we can help to treat and prevent further gum disease and inflammation. 

What Scaling and Root Planing Involves

During the scaling process, we will remove plaque and calculus below your gum line, along your tooth’s root, using an ultrasonic tool. This scaling tool typically uses irrigation to deliver a powerful antimicrobial agent to this area to reduce the number of oral bacteria there.

Root planing involves smoothing out your tooth’s root to promote healing by keeping bacteria from colonizing in that area moving forward. During root planing, we remove two tooth substances—dentin and cementum—that have become embedded with undesirable calculus, toxins, and microorganisms. 

Deep cleaning with a laser is also an excellent option for treating gum disease, as no dental instruments are required. Instead, we will break up and remove calculus and plaque using a laser’s light energy. Laser therapy offers the benefit of being gentle on your gum tissues.

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