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advanced dental tech

At Alondra Dental Care, we’re committed to providing our patients with the best possible care. That means giving our expert dentists access to state-of-the-art advanced dental technology. Each piece of new dental technology improves patient experience, making it easier for our dentists to understand needs and provide the personalized treatment our patients expect. 

Our goal is to make each appointment the most efficient, comfortable, and personable experience for our patients. With our advanced dental technology additions, we can make each visit better than the last. See below for some of our top-of-the-line technology and how we put it to use to provide the best care for our patients. 

iTero Intraoral Scanner for Non-Invasive 3D Dental Scans

The iTero intraoral scanner is the latest in dental scanning technology, providing an easy, non-invasive way for dentists to obtain 3D images of teeth and gums in minutes. The hand-held wand can capture thousands of frames per second and quickly moves images into a three-dimensional visualization of the patient’s mouth. 

With the iTero scanner, our office can provide:

  • Faster image processing
  • Better cavity detection and monitoring
  • More personalized care using advanced treatment visualizations
  • Overall more comfortable patient experience

Read more about the iTero scanner, its uses, and what to expect during a visit here.

ConeBeam 3D Scanner for Targeted X-Ray Imaging

The ConeBeam 3D dental image scanner is one of the most advanced dental technology tools. This low-radiation x-ray scanner uses a targeted cone-shape beam to gain detailed dental imaging of bone, nerve pathways, and soft tissue. These 3D images make it easier for our expert dentists to visualize potential problem areas and provide more comprehensive treatment options. 

Capturing over 200 images in seconds, the ConeBeam 3D scanner is a vast improvement over traditional x-ray technology, rendering crystal clear, easy to manipulate images to view hard-to-reach dental structures. With this advanced dental technology, the experts at Alondra Dental Care can:

  • Improve diagnosis of previously difficult-to-view dental structures
  • Increase thoroughness of cosmetic, preventative, and restorative treatments
  • Achieve advanced imagery without invasive intraoral scanning
  • Quicken diagnosis and treatment due to fast image processing and clarity

Discover more about ConeBeam 3D uses and understand the treatment process here.

CEREC Primescan Intraoral Scanner for Faster and More Accurate Dental Impressions

Dental impressions are vital tools for crafting custom dental solutions such as clear plastic aligners, dentures, and other personalized treatments. However, the process has been messy and uncomfortable for years. With the CEREC Primescan intraoral scanner, our dentists can gain 3D dental impression imagery in seconds without the mess and discomfort. 

This advanced dental technology takes over 50,000 images per second to create a 3D rendering of custom dental solutions, providing better results in less time than traditional impression methods. We’re seeing results like:

  • No risk of gagging or discomfort
  • Less time needed in-office with most assessments complete in one appointment
  • Improved modeling for a better fit
  • Lower stress for patients and dentists alike

See how we use this advanced dental technology to craft custom solutions. Read more about the CEREC Primescan here.

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