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Keep Your Dentures Clean

Whether you recently got dentures, are expecting to get dentures in the future, or are caring with someone with dentures, you can follow this guide for an overview of proper denture care.

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Meet the Professional Standard

Getting dentures isn’t the end of the road; you need to continually upkeep your oral hygiene. Inspect your dentures regularly for worn teeth. Worn and stained dentures can make you look older and cause your dentures to function poorly. Loose dentures should be checked immediately as they can cause friction and pressure on the gum tissues and bones. So don’t hesitate to reach out to your dentist when you have any questions or concerns with your dentures and dental services. 

Remember, only your dental professional is qualified to diagnose your oral health and adjust your denture or partial. Be sure to visit your dental professional frequently. Even if you don’t see anything amiss, regular dental examinations are still important for a patient with dentures so that the oral tissues can be checked for disease or change. It’s also important to know that most dental insurance policies provide coverage for new dentures every 5 years.

Take Care of Them So They Can Take Care of You

Teeth aren’t just important for making your smile look good, but rather play a critical role in our health, not just with oral hygiene, but with eating and facial muscle structure. When you get dentures, you want to carefully take care of them so they can take care of you. 

Keeping dentures clean is a vital part of proper denture care, but you also need to protect your dentures in other ways. Most importantly, when not in use, cover dentures with water or a denture-cleaning solution to prevent them from drying out or warping.

The Right Care Can Make All the Difference

Keeping dentures as clean as possible is important for preventive and comprehensive oral health. Not only do you not want to lose more teeth or have inflamed gums or bacterial and fungal infections, but you also want to have clean dentures that look and feel good in your mouth. Since dentures replace natural teeth, they should be kept in as good of care as the ideal standard for regular teeth cleaning

This means that brushing the dentures is a critical part of your denture care routine daily. You may also find it necessary to clean your dentures after eating. Dentures should be brushed inside and outside daily with a soft, large nylon denture toothbrush with round-ended bristles. This brushing to remove any bits of food should be done with a non-abrasive denture cleaner. Use denture cream instead of toothpaste, which is too abrasive and may scratch your dentures.  

In addition to brushing your dentures every day, you should also thoroughly clean them at least once a day in a denture-soaking solution. Using solutions with bleach or very hot water may weaken and warp dentures, so it’s best to avoid those methods of cleaning. Instead, rinse with cold water for the most effective and protective denture care.

Denture Care Answers

How often should I clean my dentures?

The general rule is to brush and soak dentures at least once every day. Refer to our guide above for specifics on how to best clean your dentures. 

What can you not eat with dentures?

When wearing dentures, avoid eating snacks that are sticky like gum, taffy, peanut butter, and caramel, or foods that have sharp edges like popcorn and nuts. Those items can get stuck in dentures easily and are a challenge to clean out fully. You may experience difficulty with other foods as well, so be sure to stay in contact with your dentist about dietary restrictions and concerns.

Can I sleep with my dentures in?

It is physically feasible to sleep with dentures in, and usually, standard practice to do so the first night after receiving them. However, in general, sleeping with dentures is not recommended. 

Dentures and Dental Services at Alondra Dental Care

While you yourself do need to stay on top of caring for your dentures, you can have a quality level of care every step of the way from trusted professionals. And if you’re a caregiver for someone with dentures, we have support for you, too. At Alondra Dental Care, you can get full-service support for dentures upkeep and oral hygiene. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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