If you suffer from advanced gum disease, undergoing traditional periodontal surgery involving sutures and a scalpel is not your only treatment option. At Alondra Dental Care, we are now excited to offer laser therapy for gum disease treatment. Using a high-energy beam of light, we can easily treat your receding, swollen, and/or bleeding gum line by safely removing your infected tissue. This will keep bacteria in your inflamed tissues from spreading to other areas of the mouth. And because the process involves no cutting or stitching, you can expect a quicker recovery.

Why Choose Laser Therapy for Gum Disease Treatment?

Laser therapy for gums is minimally invasive, so you can enjoy minimized swelling along with no charring. This will help to eliminate anxiety and stress both before and during your procedure.

Our laser treatment procedure is also relatively quick and pain free while still being just as effective as traditional periodontal surgery is. As a matter of fact, the virtually painless nature of this procedure limits or even eliminates the need for local anesthesia, which means no more worrying about getting numb. Oftentimes just a light spray of anesthesia is all that’s required.

The Alondra Dental Care Difference

When you choose Alondra Dental Care, you choose an oral health care partner who will always put your needs first. We even offer extended hours on certain days to accommodate your schedule needs. In addition, we send convenient dental appointment reminders so that you never miss a scheduled visit. Partner with us today to keep your teeth in tip-top shape in the years ahead.

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