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At Alondra Dental Care, we believe in patient education. Dental care is often a confusing and frightening topic for many people, so we want to separate myths from the facts about dental hygiene.

 Everyone on the staff at Alondra is passionate about removing anxiety and making patients feel comfortable and confident. Through preventative care and knowledge about teeth and gums, our patients can prevent many dental problems before they even begin. Explore our blog for:

The Alondra Dental Care blog provides expert-approved dental hygiene facts so you can trust that you’re reading the most current information online.

Are Dental Sealants Worth It For Adults?
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You bite into an apple, eager to enjoy its sweet, juicy goodness. The first thing you notice isn’t the fruit’s satisfying flavor, though. It’s pain from a cavity. Most adults have developed one or more cavities in their lifetime, so you’re not alone. Dental fillings are common dental office treatments for cavities, but what if […]

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How to Decide If Veneers Are Right For You
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As you scroll through your old Instagram and Facebook photos, your eyes aren’t drawn to the loving family surrounding you, the beautiful beach in the background, or the new ‘do you felt like showing off one day. All you see is the chip in your front tooth. You’ve smiled with that chipped tooth long enough. […]

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5 Tips To Teaching Your Child About Dental Health
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Your teenager’s favorite pastimes include playing Minecraft, FaceTiming friends, and eating you out of house and home. Spending time brushing their teeth — and listening to you constantly tell them to do it — isn’t anywhere near their priority list. #hardpass That doesn’t mean your child’s dental hygiene shouldn’t be a priority. Many teenage dental […]

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