The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Gum Disease
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Gum disease is far more common than most people realize. A common sign is gingivitis, inflammation of the gums. When left untreated, gum disease can lead to discomfort, pain, and even tooth loss.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways to limit your risk for gum disease. Our staff at Alondra Dental has compiled our best advice to get rid of gum disease. Learn to recognize early signs of gum disease and more with this guide.

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5 Early Signs Of Gum Disease

1. Gum inflammation (gingivitis)

Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums that results in redness, soreness, and sensitivity. This could cause discoloration of your gums that doesn’t go away after rinsing your mouth or brushing. You may also notice that your gums feel tender or bleed after brushing or flossing, even if you haven’t pressed hard.

2. Receding gums

You may look in the mirror one day and think your teeth seem longer than you remember. You may also notice that food is getting caught between your teeth. If so, your gums could be receding. This could lead to decaying teeth and worsening gum disease. You need to learn how to get rid of gum disease as soon as you can if you observe this symptom.

3. Excessively bleeding gums

A little bleeding when flossing is usually nothing to worry about. However, an early sign of gum disease is frequent, regular bleeding from the gum line. This won’t just happen when you floss. You may also notice gums bleeding after eating or after you bump your mouth on something. You should see a dentist if your gums bleed this easily.

4. Separating teeth

Sometimes teeth shift slightly over time, especially if you’ve had orthodontic work recently. However, if any of your teeth are separating, and you’re noticing significant gaps where there were none before, it could be an early sign of gum disease. 

5. Loose teeth

The last sign of gum disease you may recognize before your situation becomes extremely serious is loosening teeth. This is not the earliest stage of gum disease you’ll recognize, but this is a strong sign that you see a dentist as soon as possible.

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How To Get Rid Of Gum Disease

1. Practice proper, regular oral hygiene. 

Gum disease is a strong reminder to prioritize brushing your teeth. Although it may sound simple, regular brushing and flossing are the easiest ways to get rid of gum disease. 

Most gingivitis is caused by preventable plaque buildup from poor cleaning, but you can take steps at home to reverse this buildup. Make sure you are using toothpaste recommended by the American Dental Association and using a proper brushing technique.

2. See a dentist as soon as possible. 

Gum disease is more serious than simple discoloration or the occasional sensitivity. Poor oral health can affect the entire body, so if you have many of the early signs of gum disease above, it’s vital to see a dentist before you develop worsening symptoms.

3. Get a deep cleaning.

Deep teeth cleaning involves a more thorough process than you can achieve at home. Dentists use professional methods like laser therapy and customized bleaching agents in order to clean your teeth to the level you need. 

Your dentist will likely recommend non-surgical methods to remove plaque, clean the spaces between your teeth, and restore the whiteness of your teeth by removing discoloration.

4. Consider gum surgery.

In serious cases, when your gum disease has progressed past the point where it needs good hygiene or professional cleaning, you may require surgery. Speak to your dentist about the possible benefits of surgical intervention to see if this step could make sense for you.

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