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At Alondra Dental Care, we believe in patient education. Dental care is often a confusing and frightening topic for many people, so we want to separate myths from the facts about dental hygiene.

 Everyone on the staff at Alondra is passionate about removing anxiety and making patients feel comfortable and confident. Through preventative care and knowledge about teeth and gums, our patients can prevent many dental problems before they even begin. Explore our blog for:

The Alondra Dental Care blog provides expert-approved dental hygiene facts so you can trust that you’re reading the most current information online.

6 Causes of Teeth Stains and How to Remove Them
A woman leaning against a tree and looking off to the left

You smile for your newest Instagram photo, but no matter the angle or the lighting, you can’t seem to hide the stains on your pearly whites. #photofail You’re not alone in this feeling. Many individuals hate smiling because they feel their pearly whites don’t look white enough. The good news? Once you realize what’s causing […]

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8 Ways to Get Rid of Gum Disease
Woman brushing her teeth in a pink robe

When you look in the mirror and smile, you can’t help but notice your gums look puffy and bright red these days. They bleed instantly when you brush and floss, and even chewing has become painful. Chances are you’re part of the 50% of the American adult population with gum disease. The great news? Gum […]

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The Truth About Modern Dentures (And How to Get Used to Them!)
Woman wearing dentures smiling with a dog

Has your dentist recommended that you get dentures? You’re in good company. Tens of millions of people in the United States don’t have teeth and can benefit from dentures. Your initial reaction to dentures, though, may be, “There’s no way I could get used to them!” However, modern dentures are nothing like what many individuals […]

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